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The Quality of a Hand-Knotted Rug

The Quality of a Hand-Knotted Rug

We love a beautiful, soft, high-quality rug in every room. There is nothing worse than kicking your shoes off at the end of the day and stepping onto a harsh fabric. All of our Caitlin Wilson rugs are created by us with the highest quality materials and textiles, not to mention the beautiful, feminine designs and patterns. Most of our collection includes hand-knotted wool rugs for extra quality and comfort.


All About Caitlin Wilson Rugs

From patterned, hand-knotted rugs in the kitchen to neutral rugs in the office, we designed & curated a selection to pair beautifully with traditional and modern home décor. Can’t find the size you need? We can create any custom-size hand-knotted rug for you! 


What’s so Special About Hand-Knotted Rugs?

Hand-knotted rugs are superior in quality because, as the name suggests, these are made by hand. These wool rugs are hand-woven by skilled artisans – not mass-produced – ensuring you’re getting a high-quality, one-of-a-kind piece of floor art that can last for generations. Our offerings run the gamut from neutral rugs to brightly colored displays, so you’re sure to find just what you’re looking for.


How We Make Our Hand-Knotted Rugs

Our hand-knotted rugs are made to order, and the turnaround time can take around 16-18 weeks. This time allows our skilled artisans to work hard at their craft, hand-weaving your wool rug knot by knot. The steps of the hand-knotting process are intricate and have been practiced by professional artisans of the trade for years.


5 main steps to making a hand-knotted rug:

  1. Spinning the yarn
  2. Dying the yarn
  3. Opening the yarn
  4. Weaving the yarn
  5. Washing & Finishing of the Rug
  6. Binding the rug


Step 1: Spinning of the Yarn.

The women who specialize in hand-spinning wool yarn have been carefully crafting this skill for decades.


Step 2: Dying of the Yarn.

After the yarn is spun, it is then dyed in vats of water and dye. This is how we achieve the vibrant colors synonymous with a Caitlin Wilson Rug. This technique allows you to receive a truly one-of-a-kind piece. We only use the highest quality wool yarn from New Zealand - where the wool is longer, stronger & softer. The yarns of your CW wool rug are dyed and dried in preparation for weaving.


Step 3: Opening of the Yarn.

The yarns of our CW rugs are opened and organized to prepare for weaving. Once the yarns are opened, they are wound into carefully made balls called skeins for weaving. Before the weaving can take place, the skeins of yarn are organized by color and stored for production.


Step 4: Weaving of the Yarn.

Your CW wool rug is then hand-woven inch-by-inch on a loom by a skilled artisan. Most of our hand-knotted rugs have intricate patterns and detail that require expert artisans to take on the pattern. We are so lucky to have craftspeople who have learned the art of weaving from generations before them. We are proud to ensure safe, healthy environments and competitive wages for all factory employees.

Step 5: Washing & Finishing of the Rug.

Once your rug comes off the loom, it is prepared for the next process of washing. The washing process gives the rug its beautiful luster, a smooth feel, and vibrant hues. Washing is a manual process and is done by our skilled artisans using wooden paddles. Next, during the finishing stage of your rug, artisans meticulously finish the rug by shearing the surface to reveal the pattern and make the motifs more distinct. Shearing is done by hand-guided machines to cut the excess yarns from the surface and get your rugs ready to meet our high-quality standards.


Step 5: Binding of the Rug.

In this final step, the hand-knotted rug is bound on the edges after it’s removed from the loom, to prevent unraveling. This is done by hand and takes several days, along with other quality-control checks to ensure that your wool rug lives up to our product standards.

To see the CW hand-knotted rug process in real-time, watch our rug-making process video.


Selecting Your Wool Rug

Whether you like a bold pop of color in the living room or you’re looking for a neutral rug for your bedroom, Caitlin Wilson has something for you. Expertly hand-knotted rugs shine with quality in any room of your home.


Some of Our Favorite Hand-Knotted Rugs Include

The Kismet Rug: A stunning antique-inspired Persian rug created in all our favorite hues. It is as luxurious underfoot as it is stylish. From foyers to dining rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens, this versatile rug works beautifully for both the modern and traditional.

The Soleil Rug: A celebration of both past and present, the Soleil Rug gives a fresh splash of color to a traditional Persian pattern. Incredibly soft underfoot, our Persian-style rugs are unique and timeless.

The Emma Rug: Soft and serene, the Emma rug will add a simple yet sophisticated look to your space. This classic rug perfectly complements both modern and traditional styles.

The Hibiscus Rug: The perfect mix of blush and blue for a feminine yet subtle accent in any space. A Persian-inspired pattern in a delicate palette for refined luxury underfoot. 

The Pasha Rug: Pasha is subtle yet powerful with its distinct, intricate design and sophisticated color combination. A pale purple border surrounds a fresh blue hue with pops of coral and even yellow. This one-of-a-kind piece of art will surely create the foundation for a truly luxurious space.

The Simone Rug: A best-seller in tonal palettes and shades of blue, blush, green, grey, or caramel for endless opportunities. This low-pile style is perfect for high-traffic areas and makes a statement with a pop of color or a neutral touch.


Interested in a Custom Size Wool Rug?

We can make any of our rugs in any custom size to fit your space PERFECTLY! Contact us for any custom rug needs or to get a quote for your custom size.

Need help picking out the perfect pattern and size for your space? No project is too small! Our skilled stylists are ready to curate and refine your space. Our design stylist service is complimentary in-store or online. Just reach out or swing by our Dallas Showroom on Henderson Avenue.