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Wall-to-Wall Style with Designer Wallpaper

Wall-to-Wall Style with Designer Wallpaper

I’m currently in the middle of renovating our new home in Dallas. While there are still many tiles to choose and the placement of rugs to consider, the thing I am most excited about is bringing the 1920s walls to life. The perfect wallpaper design can bring dimension to your space and elevate a room by drawing the eye and creating texture where paint can’t.

5 Helpful Tips for Starting Your Next Wallpaper Project

  1. Choose the wallpaper first. If you are starting from a blank space, choose your wallpaper pattern first. When you choose your wallpaper at the beginning of conceiving your designed space, you’ll be able to find pieces that accentuate the pattern and texture.
  2. Opt for complementary wallpaper patterns. If you are starting with a designed space and want to spruce up your walls, make sure you are choosing a complementary wallpaper for the room, so it doesn’t overpower your space. Be sure to think about the colors/tones of your décor, furniture, and lighting. It doesn’t have to be a perfect match to the décor and trim, but you want it to be a nice complement to the fixtures in your space.
  3. Hire an expert. The best tip by far I can give you… Hire an expert! I’ve tried to put wallpaper up myself many times. Trust me; you do not want to go through the headache. Hire an experienced installer then sit back and enjoy your new artfully styled walls.
  4. Mix and match. A room with too many patterns can be overwhelming, but a room with too little can be boring. Mix and match wallpaper designs, and don’t be afraid to pick a detailed print!
  5. Order wallpaper samples. See the pattern and colors in your space and compare to complementing styles you already have in your space. Shop our wallpaper samples here.


How to Choose the Right Wallpaper for any Room

Is the room small and condensed? Choose one accent wall to brighten everything up versus using wallpaper on every surface. Have board and batten? Combine your wallpaper and wood trim accents. One of my favorite looks is a crisp, white wood accent on the bottom half and a beautiful floral wallpaper on the top.

Stripes and vertical patterned wallpaper can help bring height and dimension. Anything with a vertical pattern or “V” shape can make a low ceiling feel higher. If you choose horizontally placed stripes or patterns, utilize these in the narrowest rooms to bring width (like a hallway).

Large or small pattern? It’s a question often considered when choosing a wallpaper design. I find that smaller patterns make a room feel more spacious, while larger patterns can make an unfurnished or minimal wallpapered room feel more intimate and cozier.

Feeling overwhelmed by patterns? Choose our grasscloth wallpaper for a simple yet statement look with texture and dimension that painted walls just can’t bring! For an added twist, consider adding wallpaper to your ceiling for an infinity effect!


Wallpaper for Bedrooms

Each room in the house has its own vibe, and wallpaper can add the perfect touch to your design aesthetic. Whether you’re looking for grasscloth wallpaper for soft texture in the primary bedroom or soft florals in the nursery, we’ve got you covered. We have something for every type of bedroom.


Wallpaper in the Nursery

Nursery wallpaper can bring an instant playfulness to your little one’s space. I love floral wallpaper for feminine nurseries and a modern, unexpected pattern for a more masculine feel.

We love sticking to a fun, imaginative theme in your little ones' spaces. For example, our Horse & Jockey, Game Day, or Sailing Wallpapers are the sweetest touch to foster a space full of creativity. Consider utilizing an accent wall for your wallpaper here! Combine it with a complementary paint color to finish off your space.


Wallpaper for the Master Bedroom

The master bedroom wallpaper is often overlooked, as we tend to focus first on the communal spaces where our family or friends will gather. However, the master bedroom might be one of the most important spaces in the home. Where you retire after a long day and where you rest and find comfort in a quiet moment away from the business, the master bedroom needs the perfect comforting touch to make you feel at home.

Filling your master bedroom with a happy, comforting wallpaper can turn a bedroom into a retreat in an instant. We love a grasscloth wallpaper touch for a simple yet textural feel to bring warmth and interest to the walls. We also love adding our Chinoiserie wallpaper for a traditional yet imaginative touch to transport you from your bedroom to the luxurious retreat you deserve to relax in.



Guest Bedroom Wallpaper

Making your guest room comfortable and inviting for your visitors is a MUST! Of course, one of the most important aspects of this space is the bed and making sure you have comfortable bedding for guests. We would say the second most important aspect of the space is how it makes them feel.

An easy way for INSTANT comfort & luxury is to add wallpaper to your guest room. Wallpaper can transform a space and fill the missing piece to any empty or simple room. We love inviting our guests in with a luxurious, refined Chinoiserie wallpaper, our Abingdon in Blush gives a touch of tradition while still being soft and subtle in a sweet blush hue.

We also love something fun and unique, like a floral wallpaper in a palette that is as comforting as it is stylish. Complement crisp white bedding with a pop of pattern on the walls to create a guest room retreat your guests will never want to leave.



Choosing the Best Wallpaper Designs for Living Spaces

Whether you’re looking to go bright and bold in the living room or cheer up a dowdy laundry room, we’ve got just the right wallpaper designs to spruce up your living spaces.


The Perfect Wallpaper for the Living Room

Living rooms are where we spend most of our time at home, so I always focus on this room first. I love finding bright, vintage floral wallpaper to inspire the entire decor of our living space. I tend to start with the wallpaper and design my living room based on inspiration from the colors and patterns.



Decorating the Dining Room with Wallpaper

The dining room is the perfect place for wallpaper since it can typically feel harder to decorate due to the lack of furniture a dining room requires. Not only does wallpaper in the dining room give the room a sense of style, but it helps it feel alive and inviting, making it perfect for hosting.

Don’t be afraid to go bold if you love a patterned wallpaper, or keep it classic with a striking grasscloth wallpaper. Be sure to consider the size of your dining room when choosing your wallpaper. For smaller rooms, try a bigger print or less pattern to help make the room feel larger. For a larger dining room, a busier pattern will give the room a sense of visual weight.


Laundry Room Wallpaper Update

Is your laundry or mudroom feeling mundane? Laundry is one of those chores that will never go away, so why not make the experience a little more aesthetically pleasing? Wallpapering your laundry room is an easy way to create a comfortable, pleasant environment that still remains highly functional. 


Can Wallpaper go in Bathrooms?

YES! For a small half bath, don’t be fearful of hanging wallpaper in a bathroom. Powder baths are the perfect chance to go big and bold without too much of a commitment. It can help give personality to an otherwise small space. I gravitate towards the more vertically spaced prints to bring some more height to the small spaces. For main bathrooms, I tend to keep the wallpaper designs more simplistic and relaxing.



How Much Wallpaper Do I Need?

Okay, so you’ve picked your perfect wallpaper patterns and are ready to get busy wallpapering your rooms. But how do you know how much to buy? There’s an art to figuring out just how much you’ll need to complete your project, and we detail that below with tips and recommendations.


Wallpaper Measurements How-To Guide

First off, find your square footage. To find square footage, you’ll need to measure your wall from floor to ceiling and then horizontally from corner to corner. Multiply those and repeat for the remaining walls, then add the totals.

Need to add in ceiling measurements? Simply multiply the length and width of the floor to find the square footage.

Finally, figure out the repeat of the pattern. For example, our Ava Rose Floral Wallpaper repeats every 18”. If the pattern repeats by 18” then divide your square footage by 23, and if your pattern repeats by 19”-25”, then divide by 20. This will give you the total amount of single rolls you need. All of our Caitlin Wilson Wallpaper rolls come in double: 18” wide x 30' long, making it super easy to get enough wallpaper for repeating patterns.


Ava Rose Wallpaper Example:

Room is 400 Square Feet (4, 10x10 walls). Ava repeating pattern is 18”, so you would need 17.4 single rolls or nine doubles!

We always recommend consulting with a wallpaper expert to ensure you are getting the correct amount for your walls.

Torn between several wallpaper patterns and options? We offer samples for all of our wallpapers. Samples are 7”x7” and cost only $5.00 plus shipping. We recommend purchasing a sample first to ensure you love the print and colors in your space.


My Favorite Wallpaper Picks

From floral wallpaper to Chinoiserie wallpaper and more, we’ll cover our favorite wallpapers that will look great in every room of your home. Whether you’re looking to decorate the new baby’s nursery or style your living room with the soft texture of grasscloth wallpaper, you’re sure to find the prints and solids that speak to you.


Floral Nursery Wallpaper

Sometimes adding patterns, especially florals can be overwhelming. Do you add pillows, art, décor, or all of the above? An easy way we love to implement patterns without feeling overwhelmed is a floral wallpaper. Florals add a touch of whimsical sweetness to the walls that surround our most important people.

Our favorite nursery florals include:


Penelope Wallpaper: Penelope features a beautiful floral pattern brought to life with cheerful colors in a painterly print! This wallpaper features vibrant florals and pops of gorgeous colors - from pinks to blues and yellows to greens. The fresh florals and sweet colors will grow with any age and make a perfect addition to your little one’s space. Fill your walls with whimsy and color that will freshen up a space.

Secret Garden Wallpaper: Delicate garden botanicals in a sweet palette of green, blue, and blush will brighten your little one’s space with beauty and wonder. Pair these painterly florals with stripes, solids, plaids, and checks for a charming statement in any room.

Ava Rose Wallpaper: Ava Rose combines our French blue signature florals with the lovely, feminine addition of blush pinks. Pair it with stripes, solids, plaids, and checks - it’s our most versatile print and will light up any room in the house. A bestseller for a reason!

Bows & Blossoms Wallpaper: Our fanciful Bows & Blossoms wallpaper will bring your space to life with color and delicate feminine details. It beautifully coordinates with nearly all of our Cait Kids florals and blush scalloped quilt for a lovely aesthetic with a nod to tradition and history. 

Harper Floral Wallpaper: Bold and romantic, this playful floral wallpaper was created with painterly strokes in shades of blush, navy, pink, and purply blue. It’s a high-quality wallpaper digitally printed on pre-pasted paper.

Papillion Wallpaper in Lilac: Wall to wall in lilac - our lovely Papillon wallpaper pattern is everything a room needs in a wallpaper. Papillon was created in the process of art studies and botanical sketches. A greyscale floral is contrasted by soft lilac. Simple and striking at once, Papillon makes a refreshing statement in a space filled with neutrals and pairs nicely with pinks, blues, and greens.


Our Favorite Wallpapers for A Baby Boy’s Nursery

Planning a nursery is one of the most exciting times for new moms, although we know it can also feel overwhelming at times. Add interest to the otherwise always blue boys’ room with a fun wallpaper pattern!

We love a sweet theme for the little boys' spaces, perfect for adding a print for interest and imagination. Whether you prefer a soft touch with our Sailing Wallpaper in subtle hues or a bold, bright touch with our Leopold in Royal, we have all the wallpaper designs you need to bring your baby boy's nursery to life! 

Top Boy Nursery Wallpapers:


Leopold Wallpaper in Royal: Bring your little one’s space to life with this fierce yet fun print for all ages. In deep royal blue with a lively lion design, our Leopold Wallpaper is a statement backdrop.

Royal Crest Wallpaper: A touch of history in our favorite shades of blue come together for a properly playful accent for your walls. Buzzing bees, birds, flags, and regal royal crowns are the thoughtful details that bring whimsy to the playroom or child’s bedroom.

Horse & Jockey Wallpaper: Preppy and refined, our Horse & Jockey wallpaper has a nostalgic, playful style perfect for your aspiring equestrian. Pair it with checks and stripes in navy or French blue to create a timeless, charming space for all ages.

Game Day Wallpaper: Our Game Day Wallpaper will capture the hearts of all your sports-loving kids. We love this classic theme in bathrooms, bedrooms, and playrooms. Pair it with stripes or checks in shades of blue to inspire your aspiring athletes.

Sailing Wallpaper: Our Sailing Wallpaper will add a fresh splash of nautical to your little (or big) one's space. The Vintage sailboats paired with our classic check duvet in French blue will help create a beautiful, coastal-inspired space that your little sailor is sure to love.


Best Wallpapers for a Gender-Neutral Nursery

For those who prefer a neutral, simple nursery, we have options for you, too! Our grasscloth wallpapers are perfect for adding interest to a space without just painting it. Grasscloth wallpaper adds a neutral color to the walls and also brings a textural, dimensional aspect.

We also love simple patterned wallpaper, like plaid wallpapers or those with checks, spots, or stripes. In neutral, soft palettes, these simple styles can give the gender-neutral vibe you have been looking for! Our favorite gender-neutral wallpapers include:

  • Grasscloth Wallpaper
  • French Blue Spotted Wallpaper
  • Grande Plaid Wallpaper
  • Burnside Buffalo Check Wallpaper
  • Grande Check in French Blue


Grasscloth Wallpaper, available in Dusty Blue, Pale Rose, Stonewash, and Pearl: This is the finest-quality natural grasscloth created by one of the world’s oldest and most respected manufacturers - now offered in shades that are sure to complement homes of all styles. Enjoy the beautiful variances of natural woven grasses and leaves as they create instant texture and interest in any room. Wrap your walls in the refined luxury of grasscloth!


French Blue Spotted Wallpaper (also available in blush!): This abstract Dalmatian print in French blue is an absolute stunner. It will give your room a unique, hand-painted feel while creating a neutral backdrop to pair with endless color schemes. It’s screen printed by hand on coated paper manufactured in the USA. Designed on high-quality paper to be extremely durable and fade resistant.


Grande Plaid Wallpaper: A timeless plaid wallpaper made modern with fresh color and over-sized scale. This grande check makes it easy to pair with florals and solids for a casual-chic look. Designed and screen printed on pre-pasted paper, this high-quality paper is easy to install and removable.


Burnside Buffalo Check Wallpaper, available in Navy and Black: Taking a cue from the traditional Buffalo Check, our watercolor version gives it an abstract twist. We love it for bathrooms, breakfast nooks, and kid's rooms! Designed by Caitlin Wilson and digitally printed on pre-pasted, high-quality paper that is easy to install and removable.


Grande Check in French Blue: Classic meets color in this oversized check wallpaper design. Make a statement in your laundry room, nursery, or powder baths with this bold beauty. Designed and screen printed by hand on coated paper manufactured in the USA. This high-quality paper is designed to be extremely durable and fade resistant.


Why Use Floral Wallpapers?

Using florals in an unexpected place, like a bathroom or hallway, adds instant interest with a feminine, chic touch! Our top floral wallpaper picks include:


Anniversaire Wallpaper: Celebrate 10 years of beauty and elegance with our Anniversaire Collection. The Anniversaire wallpaper is an elevated approach to the elements you love. Dainty scallop details meet lush, painterly florals in our signature colors for a bit of playful Regency charm for your walls.

Marilyn Wallpaper: Our Marilyn Wallpaper brings the most calming garden scene to your walls with delicate botanicals, sweet berries, and soaring songbirds. Pops of summer florals in light shades of blues and blush surrounded by a cozy beige come together for our idea of a neutral print for any room in the house.

Laurel Wallpaper: A sweet, sentimental print that is both cheerful and refreshingly neutral. Our new surface print technique adds a texture and painterly appeal to this lovely pattern, perfect for a powder bath, breakfast nook, or bedroom.

Florentine Wallpaper: A fashion-forward wallpaper design combining chic stripes and striking florals. Our Florentine print is a gorgeous Italian-inspired design.


My Favorite Chinoiserie Wallpapers

What is chinoiserie wallpaper, you may ask? It’s a traditional chinoiserie mural of florals in exquisite shades of pink, orange, blue, yellow, grey, and brown. This high-quality printed wallpaper pattern is designed and sold in sets to replicate a hand-painted mural. Please consult a wallpaper installer/hanger for guidance on how many panels to order.

Chinoiserie wallpaper favorites are:

 .    .    .     

We know you’re excited to get busy on your latest home project. Spruce up boring walls with patterned wallpaper or add a relaxing touch with textured solids. Whatever your needs, you’re sure to find just the right wallpaper designs at Caitlin Wilson. For more information or help with installation, check out our extensive Wallpaper FAQ