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- How long will it take for my item to ship? 
Our lead time varies depending on the product, so please check in individual product description page for information about estimated ship times.

- Why is the lead time on my rug 11-14 weeks?

All of our rugs are hand-knotted and made-to-order from India. Each piece of high quality New Zealand and European wool that makes up the beautiful design of our rugs is individually hand knotted three times on a loom. To give you an idea, in a small, 1 inch by 1 inch square of your rug, there are about 40 knots! The precision and close attention to detail of our rugs does take time, but we promise that they are well worth the wait!
-Can I get an update on my rug status? I’ve been waiting for weeks! 
Our rug producers are working on the production of your rug, please be patient as this is an art form that cannot be rushed. You will receive a tracking number as soon as one is provided by our rug producer.
-I live outside of the United States. Can I have a rug shipped to me? 
Yes! If you live in another country and are interested in having one of our rugs shipped to you, please email with your exact address, the rug you are interested in and the size, and we will be able to provide you with a shipping quote!
-I received my tracking number for my wallpaper sample/fabric swatch. Why can’t I track it? 
Our wallpaper samples and fabric swatches are sent out as 1st Class Letter shipments. The "tracking number" that USPS assigns to these types of packages isn't really a real tracking number. The number you have is a number that is assigned to your package, but is not trackable. These packages typically arrive within 5-7 business days.
-I received my pillow cases, but my inserts weren’t included. Why? 
Our pillow inserts are drop shipped directly from the manufacturer and will ship separately. Please allow an additional 5-7 days for delivery.


Fabric & Pillows
-We recommend that our fabrics are to be spot cleaned only. We do not advise that they be dry cleaned and will not take responsibility if they are damaged in the process.
-All gold foil fabrics and pillow covers are not to be ironed. If you MUST iron, please cover the fabric with a sheet or a towel, and use a low setting.
-Vacuum regularly on a low-power setting to prevent dirt from settling into the wool fibers and yarns.-Do not vacuum the fringe.-Blot spills (do not rub) with a clean, un-dyed cloth to absorb as much of the spill as possible, as soon as possible. Start at the outer edge and work towards the center of the spill, pressing firmly to prevent spreading and aid absorption.
-Do not dry clean.
-Professional rug cleaning recommended.
-Additional treatments are not recommended as they can affect the color and strength of the wool yarns over time.
-Some shedding will occur due to the nature of the wool yarns, but should diminish over time.
-Do not pull loose yarns, instead clip with scissors.
-Rotate your rug every 6 months to promote even wear and sunlight exposure on the surface of the rug. 
-Use rug protectors under the legs of heavy furniture to avoid flattening the yarn pile. 
-To extend the life of the rug, the use of a rug pad is recommended. 
-Storing your rug: Roll face side out and wrap with cloth. Keep in a cool, dry place.

- What is the difference between a tough phone case and a snap on phone case? 
If you are looking for aesthetic rather than protection, we suggest the snap on case. It is a thin plastic shell that lays flush with your phone and covers the two sides of your phone. 
Looking for more protection? We suggest the tough case! This case covers all sides of your phone, and along with the plastic outer shell, this phone case has an additional rubber lining on the inside of the case for additional protection. 
-I ran one roll short for my wallpaper project. If I purchase another roll, can I trust that it will be from the same dye-lot as the last? 
We print our wallpaper in small batches so it is very possible that if you repurchase, it will not be from the same dye-lot. We recommend you speak with a professional wallpaper hanger to verify the number of rolls you will need for your project. 
- Where can I find your wallpaper Recommendations page? 

Please see our wallpaper recommendations here.


All printed textiles have irregularities in the printing. These irregularities are not considered defective as they are the nature of the product.  Defective products include pillows with broken zippers and large, obvious misprints or stains.  

Products may show differences in color or texture that do not necessarily indicate defectiveness. Such differences are inherent in the manufacturing of hand made products.


A characteristic often associated with linen fabric is the presence of "slubs", which are small knots that occur at random along the length of the fabric. Slubs are considered a part of the aesthetic appeal and are intentional. These slubs do not compromise the integrity of the fabric, and therefore they are not viewed as a defect. If the slub is rubbed or picked off, it will expose the unprinted

linen beneath.


Fabric by the yard can range from 52" to 62""wide. 

-Is my credit card information secure? 
Yes, our online platform encrypts all credit card information to ensure your data is secure.

-My order included tax. Why? 
Caitlin Wilson Design has a design shop in California and a central office located in Dallas,TX. In California and Texas, because we have a physical brick and mortar location, we are required to collect sales tax when products are shipped to California or Texas customers.