About Caitlin

I'm a passionate interior designer, wife, and mother. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, I grew up with a love for beautiful art and design. I started Caitlin Wilson Design in 2007 and have been blessed with great success designing spaces from San Francisco to the Cayman Islands. My work has appeared in several magazines worldwide and is featured in Celerie Kemble's book, Black & White: (and a bit in between). Pattern and color are my forte, the foundation on which I design my spaces. As I exhausted all the fabric resources I could find online and in design centers, I found a void in the market that I longed to fill.

When my husband's job took us overseas for two years, my business continued to grow as I experienced life in London, Dubai, and Hong Kong.  I was richly inspired by our travels; the classic patterns of the Middle East and Asia began to fill my head with ideas of textile design. Through a series of amazing events, I was able to design my prints while living in Hong Kong. My textiles are versatile, sophisticated, and affordable.

My first collection was created with easy pairing in mind, giving you a cohesive designer aesthetic. All my patterns can be juxtaposed for a bold, edgy look- I want you to have fun with the process!  My goal is for these textiles to bring your homes to life in an easy, affordable, and beautiful way. I am thrilled to share Caitlin Wilson Textiles with you! It has been an exciting, fulfilling journey and I am grateful to those who have contributed to the process. Thank you for your support!