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top 5 greys

top 5 greys


Although yesterday was a terrible St. Patrick’s Day, today felt like Christmas morning! My in-laws arrived in Dubai to visit for 2 weeks, and they were bearing many gifts! The most needed gifts were my Benjamin Moore paint decks. I hadn’t planned on needing them when we left the states 6 months ago, but once I got here I quickly realized that they do not have BM anywhere and I’ve been struggling without it! {fyi- the online color-viewer is not accurate}

On that note, I’ve received several emails asking for recommendations on paint, and while I can’t offer specific selections for everyone that emails me {unless of course you hire me} ~ I can give a few suggestions to the blogosphere. The most requested is a GREY… so here you go. These are my tried and tested, favorite warm-greys.

TOP 5 Benjamin Moore warm-greys
1. greystone
2. ozark shadows
3. classic grey
4. cape may cobblestone
5. edgecomb grey
TRICK OF THE TRADE- lighten any paint by having them mix it at 25% or 50% strength. Sometimes a shade lighter will do the trick!