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The Wall & Trim Collection is HERE!

The Wall & Trim Collection is HERE!

We’re so excited to announce our collaboration with Jolie to bring you a beautiful, curated selection of premium Wall & Trim Paints in our signature Caitlin Wilson palette.

About Our Friends at Jolie

After nearly a decade of experience in building the DIY furniture paint market across North America and  , Lisa and Scott Rickert launched a brand of their own. Jolie is the culmination of premier products, design-driven aesthetics, and customer-focused support to help everyone make life beautiful. Jolie is a truly unique boutique paint brand with so much to offer. 

Jolie Home’s Special Caitlin Wilson Wall & Trim Collection includes premium acrylic paints durable enough for the entire home. Made with the highest quality low-VOC formula, this collection is perfect for projects where style and performance are equally important. Use on properly prepared drywall, metal, plaster, wood, concrete block, and other masonry surfaces.


About the Paint Collection

The collection includes shades of blue, green, pink, yellow, and neutral tones that will complement any décor style. Whether you’re looking to create a statement wall, refresh a room, or give new life to old furniture, this paint collection has you covered. Bring the beauty of color to every part of your home. Our collection includes ten paint colors and three finish options in Gloss, Semi-Gloss, and Egg Shell. 

Caitlin personally curated these colors based on our theme for the year: Return to Pretty! Through highlighting the return to pretty pastels, Caitlin chose colors that instantly bring cheer to your favorite spaces. From a soft yellow living room to a serene blue bedroom, these paints demonstrate the impact that color can have on a room.

Francois Blue - An infusion of bold elegance and vibrant balance for a refreshing blue tone with just the right hint of gray 

Antique Rose - Soft and subtle in a light, moody shade that brings a soothing touch in a petal-soft pink 

Hydrangea - Charming yet faded for a classic statement blue, reminiscent of Caitlin’s favorite fresh spring bouquet 

Periwinkle - A true periwinkle blue and Caitlin signature that is reminiscent of a sweet spring day to add instant charm and cheer to your space 

Meadow - A rich yet understated green adds a stately elegance with its lusciously joyful, warm hue 

Palais Blue - Instantly brighten your room with a soft blue undertone that breathes freshness into a neutral, calming shade

Chateau - A clean, warm neutral hue with an ode to the French countryside for a lightweight, demure taupe 

Soft Sage - A gentle sage green evokes a fresh, airy feel in a hue that adds a soft, tranquil allure

Maison - The perfect shade of off-white, one shade away from pure white for a more versatile and neutral twist 

Proper Pink - Muted and warm for a comforting, unique pop of pink with delicately hued undertones


The Caitlin Wilson x Jolie Paint Collection is the perfect way to bring your vision to life. With a range of beautiful colors, high-quality paint, and an eco-friendly formula, this collection is an investment in your home that will provide lasting beauty and satisfaction. Try a fresh coat of paint and return to pretty with Caitlin Wilson and Jolie Paint.