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Mood Board Monday: The Laurel Collection

Mood Board Monday: The Laurel Collection


The launch of a new collection is always exciting! However, the part often overlooked is the inspiration and detail behind the products in a new collection. Our Laurel Collection is our newest addition to our product catalog. With a classic laurel design in a new & fresh, serene green - these products are cheerful classics that add a refreshing feel to your space. After all the craziness 2020 had to offer, it is hard to believe that Spring is almost here - and, we are so thrilled to share our new Laurel collection with you all!



With Spring inching closer and closer, our eagerness for this season is evident throughout all the details of this collection. Inspired by newly blooming gardens starting to bud from winter, the Laurel collection is a welcoming, fresh assortment. With hues of light greens and periwinkles, and even a few buzzing bees, Laurel brings the essence of the garden back to life.


As we put away the wintery whites and darker tones from our table, our Laurel collection invites pops of spring to our table tops. Our bistro sets are simple yet chic additions to any serveware. Perfect for mixing and matching, these sets are simple ways to transition into the spring season.