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How to Choose the Right Light

How to Choose the Right Light

One of the hardest tasks when designing a room is choosing the right lighting.  The perfect light can bring an entire room together and elevate a space by drawing the eye and illuminating in the right way. Here are some helpful tips and suggestions!

  1. Create a warm welcome with a fixture that can be a focal point upon entering your home. Make a lasting first impression with a statement piece like an oversized ring or hanging shade. We love large, oversized pieces to make this a dramatic look. Our Launceton Small Ring Chandelier or Alberto Large Two Tier Chandelier are perfect for your entryway or foyer and set the stage for the rest of your home.
  2. A chandelier over a dining table is an absolute essential!  Keep your chandelier roughly 30-36 inches above your table for the perfect balance, optimizing all the space in your dining room. The space between your light fixtures and table is very important, and when done correctly, can make all the difference! We recommend our Square Tube Hanging Shade for a round table or a linear lantern for a rectangular table. Both these pieces come in four different finishes to perfectly match other features in your home.
  3. Simplicity is key with our favorite wall sconces. Perfect for hallways, bathroom vanities, powder rooms, or above nightstands, you cannot go wrong with a pair of beautiful sconces. Get creative with sconces and think of them as space savers when you don’t have much room for other lighting. For example, in a bedroom with tight wall space on the sides of the bed or in a reading nook, a sconce is the perfect way to brighten up without causing clutter. We recommend our Go Lightly Sconce for a simple, stylish touch or our Prescott Left & Right Sconces for a fun and playful accent. Pair them with one of our decorative wallpapers for a beautiful contrast.
  4. A classic floor lamp is an easy way to create a cozy, inviting corner - especially when you are limited on space. Our Dorchester Swing Arm floor lamp combines beauty and functionality with its adjustable arm, making it the ideal fixture for living rooms or studies. 


Lighting takes your space to the next level and gives endless possibilities to show your style. Shop our curated collection from chandeliers to table lamps and everything in between here.