Brass is back and with it came the many questions about mixing finishes, so today we’re tackling them head on! We hope our guide to mixing finishes will inspire you to be daring with metals in a sophisticated and layered approach!

A good place to start is to consider how metal finishes look with other colors in your space. Use the color scheme of your space as a guide. For example, a neutral room with light walls and bright white cabinetry is our favorite place to use vibrant bronze as the dominant finish. A bright white space with a mix of gold tones and stainless steel with an added pop of brushed nickel creates a visually yet sophisticated space.

If gold is the dominant finish in your space don’t be afraid to mix shiny and matte textures together. We are all about layering a space with a variety of gold tones and textures!

In a space dominated by dark cabinetry, try using contrasting metals like, brushed nickel and burnished antique. To break up the brushed textures, offset the space with a shiny chrome faucet.

Extra Tips:

  • Mix between 2-4 metal finishes
  • Rule of thirds:  2/3 dominate finish, 1/3 contrasting finish.
  • We are all about mixing metals but your hinges and door hardware should match each other
  • If you are too afraid of mixing metals try mixing the texture of your finishes i.e. gilded, hammered, brushed, polished, etc.

We’d love to hear your favorite ways to mix metals! Please share them in the comments section below!