Every designer has their go-to paints that work well in practically any space. Choosing the perfect color for a particular room can seem overwhelming, but I’ve gathered 8 of my tried and true favorites to get you started!


Super White by Benjamin Moore

  • My go-to color
  • Brightest white
  • Looks crisp & clean
  • Recommended for millwork
  • Be careful not to use with another trim color
  • Works well with cooler shades such as blue, gray, purple, and pink
  • Modern without any icy blue undertones


Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore

  • A timeless classic
  • Saturated shade of navy blue
  • Appears purple when first coat is applied,but don’t worry–it will be beautiful and sophisticated once the second coat is dry
  • A great neutral alternative to gray or black
  • This hue is a chameleon that goes with almost any other color
  • Pairs nicely with grey, whites, and sandy tones
  • A rich blue without pulling green or gray undertones
  • Pairs well with corals, rusty oranges, and gold but works with any pop of color
  • A great accent on kitchen cabinets and kitchen islands


Emerald Vapor by Benjamin Moore

  • Very light shade of green-cyan
  • Creates a spa-like space
  • Clean and fresh
  • Works well in dining areas or bathrooms


Classic Gray Benjamin Moore

  • A timeless, pale gray with warm undertones
  • A fresh neutral that will work with any space and lots of other colors
  • Beautiful with peacock blue accessories
  • Not a dreary gray. It is especially bright when its paired with white
  • Pairs well with super light shades and neutrals

Edgecomb Gray by Benjamin Moore

A light neutral with a lot of depth

  • Great in kitchens and bathrooms
  • Has slight purple undertones
  • Great for interior and exterior and is a wonderful complement with almost any color


Graystone by Benjamin Moore

  • Appealing in all kinds of lights
  • Looks great in both interior and exterior spaces
  • Slightly taupe and clay-like


London Fog by Sherwin Williams 
  • Just the right amount of brown undertones for a beautiful neutral gray
  • Soothing shade of pale grey


Rockport Grey by Benjamin Moore 
  • Moody gray tone with some mocha in it. Expect it to be dark
  • Smoky and sophisticated
  • Pops with white trim