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We Call it a Collected Approach to Living

We Call it a Collected Approach to Living
In a world incessantly chasing the latest trends, Caitlin Wilson charts a different course with her latest foray into home furnishings, Collected. By honoring timeless silhouettes and a classical sensibility, this new endeavor encourages a deeper connection between individuals and the objects they surround themselves with.

Antiques, by their very nature, are layered with stories and craftsmanship that have withstood the tests of time. These pieces are not just forgotten relics but chronicles of history, each with a distinct narrative and aesthetic charm. Yet, despite their inherent beauty and the tales they hold, antiques have often been misinterpreted. Seen by some as mere status symbols, and by others as outdated burdens, their place in modern design has been both venerated and vilified. With her seasoned eye for design and passion for historical pieces, Caitlin has artfully repositioned antiques from misunderstood artifacts to cherished possessions. "As I was designing my house several years ago, I wanted to fill my home with pieces that had a story to tell," she explains. This desire not only shaped her personal space but also ignited a fervent interest in exploring the depths of antique markets.

Today, more young people are drawn to the allure of the anti-modern, seeking authenticity and substance in the objects they live with. For Caitlin, this shift represents a critical turning point—a rediscovery of beauty in what was once considered passé. The concept of living collected symbolizes a departure from superficial decor to a more profound, personal connection with our environments.

Collected isn't just about acquiring things—it's about learning to collect with intention. Caitlin describes it as a tool for personal expression and a rite of passage into thoughtful design work. "It's taken me 15 years as a designer to understand what I'm truly drawn to," she reflects. This matured perspective has fostered a sharing spirit within her, driving the creation of a platform where she can pass on the insights and captivating finds she encounters.

In launching Collected, Caitlin Wilson invites us on a journey through the corridors of history into a space where each found piece is not merely seen but felt. Through her eyes, these furnishings, art and antiques are reimagined as essential—breathing warmth into our spaces and telling their story at every angle. As we move forward in a fast-paced, ever-changing world, Collected offers a pause—a chance to connect with the past and decorate our present with meaning and beauty.