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Shelfie Style


We are sharing our tried & true tips for designing the perfectly styled shelf. We know that shelves can be intimidating to decorate. Here are our tips to make it simple!


  • Start with larger pieces and the objects that have meaning to you 

  • Everything does not have to match, but try to carry consistency throughout 

  • Try thinking in layers and using different shapes, heights and textures 

  • We love groupings of threes and fives

  • Do not overcrowd your shelves! 


For a sophisticated, tidy design leave plenty of negative space and introduce books for a clean aesthetic

  1. We recommend starting with placing your books in the shelf before any other items. 

  1. Mix up your book placement from shelf to shelf. For example. do not put all stacks of books on the left hand side. Mix it up with some on the right side or even in the center of the shelf

  1. Make sure your books are grouped by color and use a mix of vertical and horizontal arrangements


When you have an extensive collection of something, for example, porcelain can make a visual impact by grouping them together in one space

  1. Start with your large pieces varying them in different heights, shapes and colors

  1. Then add your books in groups of 3 or 5 placing them both vertically and horizontally 

  1. Fill in all the holes with faux or fresh florals and small accents


For larger shelves that allow for art, we love how original framed art or beautiful prints can elevate a space. 

  1. Start with your large framed pieces balancing them between left, right and center

  1. Then add sculptural pieces like pottery or floral - we love preserved boxwoods to add a fresh feel without the upkeep 

  1. Add larger coffee table books in stacks for a layered look 

  1. Fill in the gaps with small accents like dishes, porcelain and small photo frames

  1. Unexpected knick-knacks like antiques or souvenirs can add unique flair and a personal touch