Production Quality


All printed textiles have irregularities in the printing. These irregularities are not considered defective as they are the nature of the product.  Defective products include pillows with broken zippers and large, obvious misprints or stains.  

Products may show differences in color or texture that do not necessarily indicate defectiveness. Such differences are inherent in the manufacturing of hand made products. 


A characteristic often associated with linen fabric is the presence of "slubs", which are small knots that occur at random along the length of the fabric. Slubs are considered a part of the aesthetic appeal and are intentional. These slubs do not compromise the integrity of the fabric, and therefore they are not viewed as a defect. If the slub is rubbed or picked off, it will expose the unprinted linen beneath. 


Fabric by the yard can range from 52" to 62""wide.