Product Information

- What is the difference between a tough phone case and a snap on phone case?
If you are looking for aesthetic rather than protection, we suggest the snap on case. It is a thin plastic shell that lays flush with your phone and covers the two sides of your phone.
Looking for more protection? We suggest the tough case! This case covers all sides of your phone, and along with the plastic outer shell, this phone case has an additional rubber lining on the inside of the case for additional protection.
-I ran one roll short for my wallpaper project. If I purchase another roll, can I trust that it will be from the same dye-lot as the last?
We print our wallpaper in small batches so it is very possible that if you repurchase, it will not be from the same dye-lot. We recommend you speak with a professional wallpaper hanger to verify the number of rolls you will need for your project.
- Where can I find your wallpaper Recommendations page?

Please see our wallpaper recommendations here.