Cleaning & Care

Fabric & Pillows
-We recommend that our fabrics are to be spot cleaned only. We do not advise that they be dry cleaned and will not take responsibility if they are damaged in the process.
-All gold foil fabrics and pillow covers are not to be ironed. If you MUST iron, please cover the fabric with a sheet or a towel, and use a low setting.
-Vacuum regularly on a low-power setting to prevent dirt from settling into the wool fibers and yarns. 
-Blot spills (do not rub) with a clean, un-dyed cloth to absorb as much of the spill as possible, as soon as possible. Start at the outer edge and work towards the center of the spill, pressing firmly to prevent spreading and aid absorption.
-Do not dry clean.
-Professional rug cleaning recommended.
-Additional treatments are not recommended as they can affect the color and strength of the wool yarns over time.
-Some shedding will occur due to the nature of the wool yarns, but should diminish over time.
-Do not pull loose yarns, instead clip with scissors.
-Rotate your rug every 6 months to promote even wear and sunlight exposure on the surface of the rug. 
-Use rug protectors under the legs of heavy furniture to avoid flattening the yarn pile. 
-To extend the life of the rug, the use of a rug pad is recommended. 
-Storing your rug: Roll face side out and wrap with cloth. Keep in a cool, dry place.