{and you thought the home tour was over???}

we finally decided to have roman shades made for our living room to block the afternoon sun, so i did a semi-sheer linen with a navy blue border.

i love the result and the added touch of contrast and class that it gives the living room {and of course that it helps keep the insane Dubai heat out of our apartment}

i saved alot of money by having the romans made using IKEA panels for the semi-sheer fabric instead of having to buy yards and yards of fabric.

okay…so that really is the end of the home tour. i’ll post little projects here and there, but that’s the jist of it! thanks for all your fabulous feedback!

and WOW– can i say how thrilled i am at your comments on the giveaway? can’t wait for the drawing on the 16th!

storyboard GIVEAWAY is still OPEN till midnight on March 16th! good luck!