Introducing: Style Files

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hello people {if you’re still out there},

as most of you have probably noticed- i haven’t posted on my design blog in quite some time. i was in the process of deciding what to do with not only this blog but my design business as a whole. now that i’m a mother & an expat…my situation is unique in that i can’t just pick up where i left off. my little one is now 7 months old, i’m feeling an itch to get my designer hat back on.
so without further adieu…i give you my STYLE FILES: a daily guide to living with style. This blog will no longer serve as a casual form of my portfolio but a forum for me to share all the secrets I’ve been keeping throughout my years in design. I’m also very pleased to offer new online design services available to clients of all budgets.
~ DIYs and how-tos for styling your own home like a designer
~ daily designer tips from yours truly
~ guest bloggers from different creative fields
~ interviews with some of my most talented designer friends