How to: Chevron Wall

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You’ll need a measuring tape, blue painters tape, a pencil, scissors, and a fabulous paint color of course! I think it would be fun in purple or navy blue too, especially in a nursery or playroom!

The measuring & taping is the HARDEST PART!!! You have to be very tedious. Here’s what I did:

1. Divide the width of the wall by the number of zig-zags you want, then mark each of those spots straight across the wall (I did 10 cause that was easy to divide and it made 5 chevrons…odd numbers are always best)

2. Measure 6″ (or however wide you want your stripes) down from each peak following the zig-zag up and down and mark that spot

3. Take your tape and make a straight line from point to point, overlapping the tape at each intersection

TIP: Don’t measure the whole wall out and then tape. Measure each time after you tape because each one will be slightly off.

Make sure you go through and trim all the tape joints so they have clean edges when you paint.

This part is time consuming, but you DON’T want messy joints.
{please forgive my hideousness~ I was so consumed with this project that I didn’t shower all day}

Finally the fun part {this was at 1 am, baby had been asleep for hours}
Let it dry overnight & give yourself a long night sleep cause your back will be ACHING!

Ta da…it’s done. it took a LONG time but it was worth it! We love our chevron wall.

* You can also do this with contact paper on a painted wall, I wish I had seen this before I did it! But I have white walls so this was easier for me anyway. See it here.

And there are lots of other fun things you can do with just tape too: See here how my friend Caitlin Creer transformed her entry & also Little Green Notebook with floral tape! AMAZING!

Happy Taping! Email me pictures if anyone else does it, I would love to see!