This 12×12 tile backsplash just wasn’t going to cut it for me…so I took scraps of my Chaing Mai pillow fabric and framed them in IKEA frames. Brightens it up a bit.

By the way, this kitchen is pretty much just the corner of the living room. It really is miniature.

Found this cookbook on sale at anthro, brought it home…and centered the whole scheme around it. Love pink in the kitchen.

Dear bonsai…I’m trying to so hard to keep you alive. Keep growing for me. I like you.

I’m kind of in love with my Chinese tea set…my good friend Clayton at Global Village sold it to me for 100 dirhams= around 28 bucks. Such a steal.

I even had a tea party last week, pictures to follow. So fun.

Another persimmon&pink print…in teeny tiny size to match the teeny tiny kitchen.