So here’s how you do it…

step 1: take photos of your profile
step 2: in iphoto- turn them black & white and darken the contrast so you can see the outline really well

step 3: print them on photo paper {I did 5″x 7″s}
step 4: cut them out {use small, sharp scissors}

step 5: paint them with acrylic paint {and add bows, headbands, or bow ties for fun!}

step 6: frame them!

VOILA! Can you believe it’s that easy? I love seeing my little family on the wall together. It’s also just as cute to put one silhouette in a frame collage with other art and photos. So many possibilities!

*if you want BIG silhouettes, some of my friends have done lifesize silhouettes using a lamp and a canvas. just sit between the lamp and the canvas and have someone trace your silhouette for you. also pretty easy to do…and would save you the cost of printing a large size photo!

{and if you don’t want to make them yourself…you can always buy them. kirsten showed us here how many variations of silhouettes you can find on etsy!}