my cute mother-in-law suggested that some of you may want to know the answers to the questions that others have been asking me. i’ve had some questions in the comments section and also in some emails. i thought i’d share:

“I love how you’ve accessorized your kitchen! Where is the rug from? Such a great pattern! :)” Lovely Little Nest
~ I got it for $29 at Bed, Bath, & Beyond! Brought it home from the states!

“BTW, what is that pattern called on the white/black pillows?? It’s my favorite pattern but I have no idea what it is called!” Lovely little nest
~ Riad by Kravet (color: CLOVE)

“Do you sew your own pillows?” Petertammenson
~ I used to sew my own pillows as a young married…but labor is INCREDIBLY cheap here in Dubai, so I have them sewn. And I always use a workroom for clients’ pillows.

“I LOVE your home, and of course your Chevron wall. But what I am really wondering is what fabric/make is your couch? I LOVE white couches but have a two year old and soon to be new baby, and just wonder how practical they are or if there are some fabrics that look as good as yours and are low maintenance=) I don’t like slip covers because I think they look messy. If you could share your tips that would be great! Thanks for sharing your amazing talent!” Heather Lee
~ My couch is from a Thai company called INDEX Living, I believe it’s only outside of the US:( But it is LEATHER…so it is kid-friendly. I wipe it off daily!

“P.s. where did you get your dress? It’s adorable.” chuck & julie brown

~ My striped dress is from Old Navy…I embelished it with some jersey flowers!

“okay, how do you get your orchids so big and full. i constantly buy them and then a month later all of the blooms fall off. everyone tells me that they will re-grow but im not really into displaying a pot with a stick coming out of it. any tips?” chelsea
~ the tip for orchids is to not OVERWATER them…give it an ice cube a week and make sure it has a lot of INDIRECT, bright light. Orchids are super hard! but here’s the real secret…MINE ARE FAKE! They are imported from Holland here and so they cost about $80 per stem…so I resorted to finding really good fakes. Pot the fakes in sand or rocks and cover them with real moss. If you want to make them look even more real…put the sticks in too:) Restoration Hardware & Pottery Barn carry pretty good fakes also!

“i was also wondering where you got your couch? i’m currently looking for a white leather sectional for our basement.” caroline armelle
~INDEX living, Z-Gallerie has a similar one…here

“I love the legs on the table in the entry. suggestions?” the collins

~ INDEX living…but I’m searching to find a similar one to recommend to you! sorry:(

“can you tell me where you got your console and paint color you used?” darleen

~ paint color is ACE HARDWARE, Corner Brook

“Hi Caitlin!
You have no idea who i am, but my name is Abbie and i live in arizona, i have no idea but i stumbled acrossed your amazing design blog! I love your kind of style, i am trying to pick i theme for my room but i cant seem to pick one because i love all sorts of crazy things! my room is sort of vintage, shabby, and modern, and colorful…i want it to look like your kind of design though! Since i dont live in Dubai…haha i dont know where i would find cute stuff! oh and not so expensive! if you could just email me a list of stores or blogs you know of that would be great! oh and i am only 16 but i really want to make my room cute!!! Thanks so much!Abbie

~A few of my favorite U.S. stores that I love for unique, funky accessories are:
Anthropologie, Z-Gallerie, Alice Lane Home Collection, TJ-Maxx, Home Goods, and always THRIFT STORES!

Thanks for all of your questions….keep ’em coming! ~Caitlin