there are so many great new pieces from west elm’s new fall preview that just launched hours ago~ my favorite being the silhouette art of mike miller. his stuff is going to fly off the shelves, see for yourself…

flea market in la vielle ville {nice, france}

since my husband went golfing in cannes yesterday, i decided to venture out on my own {with olivia of course} to la vielle ville…the old city, my favorite part of town. so as i was walking down the promenade reliving the memories of my study abroad in nice in college, loving the gorgeous weather, just as i thought it couldn’t get any better…i ran right into the flea market. incroyable!

{just to prove that i was actually there taking the photos with my sweet little sidekick!}


we had a perfect weekend in Portofino, Italy…everything there is nautical & beautiful. can’t wait to show you what i found today in Nice, France~ you will die!

in Rome!

hi everybody! sorry no REAL post today…just got to Rome and don’t have my laptop up and running quite yet. i must say, it’s heavenly. have a great weekend! see you monday. ciao!