lebanon: souks & soaps


souk is arabic for “market”

fresh produce


falafel stands

so delicious

arabic pastries

shoemakers in the street

and here are the yummy soaps we found~

amber, lavender, orange blossom

arabic jasmine, lemon

aren’t they beautiful?

we also went to the soap museum

it was fascinating, i loved it

and so did livi

we found some beautiful architecture too!

more from my trip to lebanon tomorrow. happy monday.

loving lebanon


today we explored southern lebanon.
went to sidon to see ruins, a soap factory, and to shop the souks.
these handmade soaps were the highlight of my day.

field trip

we’re off to an exotic weekend abroad…any guesses where we’re going?
i’ll be blogging from there {hoping to find some fun pieces to show you!}

chinese lamps

I’ve had a lot of emails asking about my Chinese lamps that I purchased at Global Village, here in Dubai. I feel so bad when I can’t tell people exactly where to buy things, so I did some online research and although I have not found my exact lamps~ I found some very similar beauties along the way {and at some pretty good prices}!
* NOW REMEMBER, there is power in the shades…a shade can make all the difference. Put a drum shade from Pottery Barn, target, or Restoration Hardware on these babies and they’re perfectly fit for any high-end home!

and if you live in a city that has a China town- go there for sure!
it’s been said that any house can have a few chinese pieces, so even if it’s not your “style”, it can add a unique, eclectic twist to any room. try it!

brickmaker’s table


I have been loving this brickmaker’s table from Restoration Hardware.

A brickmaker’s table is “originally a pallet used to cut, cool, and transport bricks 100 years ago in Belgium.”

Each piece is unique, one-of-a-kind, made from northern European azobe wood- from an antique dealer in Europe.

Restoration shows them in traditional settings {which is gorgeous}, but I love the idea of juxtaposing it in a clean, white, modern room.

Since they are actual antiques, they have limited supply so go here if you can afford the real-deal of $1360!

Luckily for the rest of us… Ballard designs has made a similar reproduction! Not quite as rustic as the vintage planked table-top, but I do like the shelf…and you can’t beat the price of $349. Love it! Go here for the Durham cocktail table.

running mommy.


this is kera, or running mommy. she’s my friend & she’s very cool.

we met here in dubai, but she actually lives in abu dhabi {the capitol of the UAE, an hour away} so this week I visited her and got to see her fantastic apartment with beautiful ocean views.

she’s a mother of two boys, a design guru, a model, a runner, and also writes a weekly design blog for pregnancy & newborn magazine. this week she featured Olivia’s nursery & an interview with me. So hop on over for a few tips & new ideas from yours truly.

livi & i had a fun day in abu dhabi with kera, owen, and asher.

we went to a cultural village where we saw craftsmen of all sorts

{kera was a natural at making ruffled pottery}

saw some rugs being made,

and some finished rugs that I wanted to take home with me {as usual…what’s with me and rugs?} but seriously aren’t these amazing?

and we picked up some orchids & succulents at the plant souk. abu dhabi is gorgeous & we had so much fun with kera. so thanks for hosting us running mommy, what a treat.

top 5 greys


Although yesterday was a terrible St. Patrick’s Day, today felt like Christmas morning! My in-laws arrived in Dubai to visit for 2 weeks, and they were bearing many gifts! The most needed gifts were my Benjamin Moore paint decks. I hadn’t planned on needing them when we left the states 6 months ago, but once I got here I quickly realized that they do not have BM anywhere and I’ve been struggling without it! {fyi- the online color-viewer is not accurate}

On that note, I’ve received several emails asking for recommendations on paint, and while I can’t offer specific selections for everyone that emails me {unless of course you hire me} ~ I can give a few suggestions to the blogosphere. The most requested is a GREY… so here you go. These are my tried and tested, favorite warm-greys.
TOP 5 Benjamin Moore warm-greys
1. greystone
2. ozark shadows
3. classic grey
4. cape may cobblestone
5. edgecomb grey
TRICK OF THE TRADE- lighten any paint by having them mix it at 25% or 50% strength. Sometimes a shade lighter will do the trick!

not so lucky…


found out today that my sore throat is now strep throat…oh how i wish i were irish.

~but here are some green items that make me happy anyway on this ole’ st. patties day!


ws home

madeleine weinrib~celery olivia! love the name.



we’ve seen it a million times, but i could stare at it forever…kelly wearstler’s imperial trellis

and the winner is…


I used random.org and #5 is the winner of the storyboard giveaway!

Mauri said…

i am officially a follower! i think you are amazing cait! and i love that baby girl!

March 10, 2010 2:20 AM

Congratulations Mauri, I’m so excited to work with you~Email me!

And for the rest of you 328 voters, my new virtual rates are more affordable than ever~Please email me if you’d like to know my rates for storyboards, full-service design, or a la carte design hours! I’d love to work with you!

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